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Embrace and Capture your pregnancy forever and create a 3D memento keepsake of your pregnant belly with one of our DIY BellyMasking kits and again capture your little ones hands and feet with our BabyCasting Kits once they've entered the world! We supply wholesale & retail casting,display,supplies Australia Wide.



Belly Casts can be taken at any time during pregnancy. For the full effect, we recommend creating your cast while you are between 32 36 weeks pregnant.  You may even choose to create multiple Belly masks throughout the term of your pregnancy, one in each trimester, to capture the gradual growth of your baby. The changes in your body will astound you.
There is enough product in our Belly Casting kit to create one FULL BODY mask, from your neck to the top of your thighs for an average sized woman.

You will receive

 Plaster Bandage (over 10m)

Jar of Vaseline

Latex Gloves

Gesso Primer/Sealer

Paint Brush

Sanding Sheet

Step-by-Step Instructions

$79.95 Sale! $59.95


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