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Embrace and Capture your pregnancy forever and create a 3D memento keepsake of your pregnant belly with one of our DIY BellyMasking kits and again capture your little ones hands and feet with our BabyCasting Kits once they've entered the world! We supply wholesale & retail casting,display,supplies Australia Wide.


Bellycasting Australia
We are a family owned and 100% online operated business.
 We pride ourselves in providing exceptional products to mummies to be, parents, guardians and also Businesses.

We are a Kiwi family from New Zealand now living back in New Zealand (items distributed from Tweed Heads, QLD ) and who wanted the opportunity to be able to provide casting kits for either pregnant bellies as well as baby, children hands and feet and now new face cast kits to any mum, dad, parent, who wanted to capture all those special  moments in 3D form.

The reason being is I became a young mum with 3 children by the time I was 21yrs of age (now 33yrs old and mum to 5 children, Jahzykeah 15yrs, Tenyka 14yrs, Tyreze 11yrs, Lahtrique 4yrs and our babygirl Shaniquah who is 3 yrs old and yes they keep hubby and I on our toes and we wouldn't have it any other way and being self employed allows us to be there for them whenever they need us. 
I also remember receiving the brochures of other casting businesses to have these castings done, but back then we couldn't afford the prices that they were charging to have them done especially with our first and being 17yrs old who didn't have a spare $185 to get 2 hands and feet casted and is what motivated me to get into this unique industry and run our very own business and be able to help out others out there who may be just as I was all those years ago.

Our products are all safe, non toxic and safe to use on your newborn babies skin, In fact our Alginate is directly imported from the manufacturer and is of Australian Standards and registered with the TGA. 

Registered with the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA)…..
ARTG Number: 154834

These kits are a wonderful baby shower gift for any expecting mother, not to mention a wonderful gift for almost any special event including, Mothers and fathers day gifts, Birthday gifts, New parent gifts or just a perfect family activity to get the kids all together and helping out to create a masterpiece of each other all by them selves.
As parents we all know that our little ones donít stay that little for long! At Belly Casting Australia, we provide everything you need to be able to create a lasting memory of your family, preserved forever. Then, from what you first create you can than see that any part of the body can be cast, however, baby hands and baby feet casts are the most popular as well as pregnancy bellies for mummies to be.
 We believe in providing the highest possible service and pride ourselves on the quality of materials that we supply. 
Our customers experience and result in total satisfaction is at the absolute top of our agenda. As a customer you will experience levels of commitment and integrity which will leave you feeling spoilt, andto create these unique presents or gifts that will dazzle and move your loved ones, especially if its your first time casting, just imagine the look on your childs or teens face once theyve grown when you show them the actual cast created while you carried them inside your belly an or their tiny little hand and foot and they daze at you wondering ???
There it goes you have all the explaining to do and as well as all the smiling that will follow.
Happy Casting!
Bellycasting Australia Family


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