Belly Casting Australia

Embrace and Capture your pregnancy forever and create a 3D memento keepsake of your pregnant belly with one of our DIY BellyMasking kits and again capture your little ones hands and feet with our BabyCasting Kits once they've entered the world! We supply wholesale & retail casting,display,supplies Australia Wide.


Belly Casting Australia are Australian leaders in professional belly casting & framed children's hand and feet castings.

At Belly Casting Australia we hand make products that will create a 3D memory for life so we make sure that our frames are made to last forever.

Unique Features:

  • We only use premium quality casting materials, that are australian approved.
  • All of our frames are hand made locally in Australia from top grade timber and are the highest quality available
  • Our logo and contact details are on the back of the frame where they belong
  • Our casting powder is of the highest quality ensuring ensuring as much detail as possible to every hand and foot sculpture we cast.
  • We are always friendly and care about helping you because
    we love what we do.

Belly Casting Australia Team


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